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Believer’s Church

Believer's Church is a New Testament church that is located in Abilene, Texas. We are currently meeting in houses and enjoying the blessings that await us as we enter into our third year. 

Believer's Church is pastored by Danny and Cindy Thompson. Pastor Danny has been in the ministry for over 25 years.   

We teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as shown in the New Testament without the pressure of man made traditions, the interference of the Law or other forms of legalism, and we preach the fullness of the Gospel including the power of the Holy Spirit and the blessing of God. We believe that faith in Christ Jesus will bring one to God the Father and we will open up the believer's life to miracles of faith!

The world is changing rapidly. The only source of stability and hope is found in Jesus. In the Word of God we not only have hope for every day but also foreknowledge of the future.

We also have a Wednesday night podcast https://believerschurch.podbean.com . We are currently going through a study over Faith Concepts.

Our websites are www.believerschurch.us and www.fleethewrathtocome.com

Our email is believerschurch@hotmail.com

We are very thankful that you stopped by our site and we invite you to check back every week for our Sunday sermons!

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